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Hi, I'm Delaney Carthagh Kelly. This is where I share my work and inspiration from others about woodworking and design.



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Exhibit B Field Work Installation - Justin Gorman, Tyler Kohlhoff & Delaney Kelly

Opening Night photos by Miroslav Milos

photo: Tyler Kohlhoff photo: Tyler Kohlhoff photo: Tyler Kohlhoff

A glimpse of what’s to come, mocking up some designs in the shop for Exhibit B.

Stump side table. This piece of timber had been sitting in the shop for several years and I couldn’t pass it by any longer. 

This is a pour over stand I’ve been working on. I was approached by a great local Portland company called Clive Coffee to design and produce. Made out of salvaged Oregon walnut, the dripper and pitcher system are by Hario. 

Hairpin Desk built for Noelle - walnut & steel

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